Goeld - Premium Malabar Par...

Rs. 105.00 Rs. 210.00
The classic, layered & flaky paratha from the South. Pair it with a rich and indulgent curry of your choice.

Hoipure- Ulta Tawa Parathas...

Rs. 69.00 Rs. 99.00
As a part of our Indian Street Food project we have made this awesome Ulta Tawa Paratha aka Nawabi Tawa Paratha from Lucknow - the city of nawabs. It is cooked on an inverted dome...

MENDI'S Handcrafted Margher...

Rs. 224.00 Rs. 299.00
Handcrafted Margherita Pizza ready to cook in Pan/Oven incl. Oregano Spice Mix. Pack of 2 (350gms). 

Goeld - Aloo Paratha 400g |...

Rs. 78.00 Rs. 120.00
Stuffed with rich, homely goodness of potatoes, this delectable paratha is made complete with onions, green chillies and freshly picked coriander leaves.

Goeld - Whole Wheat Paratha...

Rs. 72.00 Rs. 110.00
Wholesome goodness of wheat kneaded into the softest homely parathas guaranteed to make curries come alive.

MENDI'S Handcrafted Chicken...

Rs. 151.00 Rs. 189.00
Handcrafted Chicken Tikka Pizza ready to cook in Pan/Oven within 5-7 mins  Incl. Oregano Spice Mix . 

Goeld - Paneer Butter Masal...

Rs. 146.00 Rs. 225.00
Goeld - Paneer Butter Masala 400 g, Heat & Eat. Made in 100% Veg Kitchens.   
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