MENDI'S Handcrafted Margher...

Rs. 224.00 Rs. 299.00
Handcrafted Margherita Pizza ready to cook in Pan/Oven incl. Oregano Spice Mix. Pack of 2 (350gms). 

Goeld - Premium Malabar Par...

Rs. 105.00 Rs. 210.00
The classic, layered & flaky paratha from the South. Pair it with a rich and indulgent curry of your choice.

Goeld - Cheeseful Naan 240g...

Rs. 88.00 Rs. 135.00
Goeld - Cheeseful Naan (240gms) Simply heavenly, this indulgent bread filled with gooey cheese is here to satiate your body, mind & soul

Goeld - Aloo Paratha 400g |...

Rs. 78.00 Rs. 120.00
Stuffed with rich, homely goodness of potatoes, this delectable paratha is made complete with onions, green chillies and freshly picked coriander leaves.

Goeld - Whole Wheat Paratha...

Rs. 72.00 Rs. 110.00
Wholesome goodness of wheat kneaded into the softest homely parathas guaranteed to make curries come alive.

Hoipure- Ulta Tawa Parathas...

Rs. 69.00 Rs. 99.00
As a part of our Indian Street Food project we have made this awesome Ulta Tawa Paratha aka Nawabi Tawa Paratha from Lucknow - the city of nawabs. It is cooked on an inverted dome...

MENDI'S Handcrafted Chicken...

Rs. 151.00 Rs. 189.00
Handcrafted Chicken Tikka Pizza ready to cook in Pan/Oven within 5-7 mins  Incl. Oregano Spice Mix . 

Goeld - Lachha Paratha (6 p...

Rs. 120.00 Rs. 240.00
Exclusively Available on Hoipure. Ready to eat | Just Heat & Eat  
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